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What Does “Being Eco-Conscious” Mean?

You might have seen the term eco-conscious” being thrown around quite a lot but what does this actually mean? Everyone seems to have a rough idea of the meaning, but when you get down to its nitty-gritty, you will find most people scratching their heads. Sometimes, words like “green”, “sustainable”, and “eco-friendly” are thrown around with no proper explanation. Sounds familiar, right?

We hear now more than ever, that we must save our planet, but is replacing plastic bottles and cups with organic materials enough? The answer is no! We must make lifestyle changes and become “eco-conscious”

Being eco-conscious is an all-encompassing state where you are doing your maximum best to preserve the only planet we have.

Eco-consciousness is applied to almost all aspects of life. From the way you get to work to the way you use your kitchen at home. Whatever actions you take, you need to make sure it has the least amount of impact on the environment.

Here comes the question, Why bother being eco-friendly?” Well, for one thing, our environment is slowly reaching the point of no return. According to a UN report, Earth’s natural resources are being consumed at an unsustainable rate. You, as an individual, can do wonders if you adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle.  

The 3 Rs

The first time you heard of the 3Rs, it must have been in your school. Jack Johnson even wrote a catchy song about them. The 3 Rs of sustainability (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) are one of the most efficient methods of preserving the environment and adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The first R (Reduce) refers to reducing your consumption of unnecessary products. Think about it. How often do you find yourself eyeing those pair of shoes or that glamorous dress? Ask yourself if you really need to spend your money on that. Probably not.

Similarly, the second R (Reuse) means reusing everything you can to avoid buying new products needlessly. That pair of shoes you saw last week? Instead of buying them, wear the ones you bought last year.  

The third R (Recycle) is all about recycling as many waste materials and products as you can. Perhaps you might even try upcycling. You will definitely see a lot of improvement in your lifestyle.

Benefits of Being Eco-Conscious

There are several benefits of becoming more eco-conscious both on a personal level as well as on a large scale.

Improvement on Health

An eco-conscious lifestyle will have endless benefits on your physical and mental health. If you want to reduce your cholesterol (let’s face it; everyone wants to) you should eat more plant-based proteins and cut down on meat. The more natural produce you consume, the better your health will be

For skincare, nothing can beat eco-friendly products. Natural skincare products reduce skin irritation, asthma and can help you generally in breathing problems

Instead of using your car for short distances, why not try walking? This will cause a significant improvement on your heart’s health. Additionally, it’s great for your overall fitness and will definitely improve your mood.

Minimizing Expenses

With the cost of living at a high you can save plenty of pennies whilst doing your bit for the planet by:

Switching off all the lights, fans and plug sockets when you are not in the room.
Reducing your overall household water consumption. Make sure you turn off all the taps after using them.
Reducing your fuel consumption by cycling or walking.
Shopping at a refill shop for groceries, beauty products and laundry products. This is great for reducing packaging waste.

These are some easy habits that you can develop. Once you start acting upon them, you will be surprised at how much unnecessary expenditure you have cut down.


The benefits are obvious, and the reasons are apparent. All that remains is for you to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle. It might seem difficult in the beginning, but it’s definitely worth it. Starting with small changes to daily habits, you can move towards creating an overall eco-conscious lifestyle.

Being eco-conscious isnt just avoiding plastic; it is the complete dedication toward making the environment better. If you want to start on the right foot, visit our website to browse our completely eco-friendly merchandise and play your part in saving the world.


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